Woodland Wonders

Shoulder Mounts

Deer                    $550
Mule Deer           $550
Antelope             $550
Wild Hogs  
open mouth         $600     
Elk                      $850-1000
Caribou               $750
Exotic, Fallow,
Texas, Dall,
Black Buck          $550


Bass                      $275
Crappie                 $275
Trout under 5#     $360
Trout over 5#       call

Turkey on limb     $800
on custom base     $850
Turkey chest         $550
Turkey chest
with wings            $600
Tail Fan                $125-175
Pheasant               $300


Black Bear                $2000-3500
Grizzly                       $3500-5500
Mt. Lion                    $1600-$2500
Deer                          $1600-$2500
Bobcat                       $550+base
Fox                            $550+base
Beaver                       $600+base
Otter                          $550+base
Coyote                       $600+base
Mink                          $325+base
Squirrel                      $250+base

Price for all lifesize are animal
only,  we will be happy to build you
a custom base for an extra charge.


We are not doing soft tanning

Antler Mounts

Deer        $85-$125
Elk          $150

Skulls      $145
Elk          $250
We offer custom skull cleaning on
all species
you a  quote.

We also repair damaged or old mounts, please call for a quote.

Let us give your existing mount a new look with a custom built base      
and habitat, just bring it in.

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                                                Woodland wonders Taxidermy
                                                     Curt Shahan